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SHOUT OUT!! – Water Feature.

Water Feature..


check out this blog. If I was any better at sketching/drawing/doodling etc, I would definitely tell stories like this!


Plantation Dog on a Mission. Help if you can!


They have only 5 days to come up with about $3oo to make it to $1,000. They (in the form of their really cute dog Harley) is asking each of  you to reach into your pocket and share just a little.

Go to the website now and just drop a few bones for the plantation.

They now are currently at $975!!! So close


Plantation Dog on a Mission.

(wording from their blog)

Simeon Strunsky On the Subway

I’m betting that Jack Layton took the Subway. RIP

Bert and Ernie Should NOT Get Married

This might come as a shock….

I don’t think Bert and Ernie should get married.

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My Puppy Doing Tricks :)

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Please go see Easy A

Do not just download this movie!
Spend money on it! Write really good things about it on the web!

Seriously we need more movies like this in the theater.

It’s smart, it’s funny, it is sometimes crude but not offensive, it has great female characters!


Feeling Incomp..a..dent?


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